Acme Packet SBC and Useful ACLI Commands

Recently someone asked what some of the most useful commands are on the Session Director after performing a fresh install/configuration of an SD. The following was provided by one of the Acme Packet Systems Engineers in response to the inquiry.

show sipd sessions all – Will display all of the active SIP sessions that are currently traversing the SBC, including the To, From, Call-ID

show sipd invite – Will display a chart of all recent SIP requests and responses

notify sipd siplog – Enables the sipmsg.log which includes all SIP traffic traversing the SBC..only to be used in pre-production/trial environment

show logfile sipmsg.log – Will output the contents of the sipmsg.log without having to FTP this file off the SBC

notify sipd rotate-logs – Will clear all sipd log buffers

display-alarms – Alarm log output

show running-config – Outputs all of the configuration elements

show support-info - Outputs all of the system level info, including hardware specifics, licensing info, etc

show health – For a standalone system will give a good overview of failover history

I would also like to add the following which I think are useful in some cases.

show prom-info all – Displays serial number, hardware revision, manufacturing date

notify sipd debug – Enables a subset of the full logging behavior of sipd on the Session Director

notify sip nodebug - Turn off debug

log-level sipd debug – Enable full debug logs

log-level sipd notice – Turn off full debug

show version - Displays SBC current software version

The log file generated in both cases is log.sipd