Broadsoft Cluster Nodes "Out of Sync"

I am in the process of fixing two cluster installations which were originally performed by a third party consulting group. The peerctl lists were not setup correctly and thus replication is not working from the primary node to the secondary node on either platform.

There are a few tasks you can perform to validate whether replication to your secondary nodes are healthy. First, ensure dbSyncCheck is running in the maintenance scheduler for all AS and NS nodes. Second, verify whether you are receiving alarms from your cluster nodes stating the datbase is out of sync. Third, see if you can perform an on the secondary node without it failing. In the event your platform is not in sync or fails, you must reconfigure the peerctl list on the primary server. This example assumes your are setting the peerctl list for an application server cluster.

** On the primary AS

peerctl set <old peerctl name> <hostname> <ipaddress> | example: peerctl set as1
peerctl set <old peerctl name> <hostname> <ipaddress> | example: peerctl set as2
peerctl setprimary as1
repctl restart AppServer db-JAN-11-2009.db
scp db-JAN-11-2009.db as bwadmin to as2

** On the secondary AS

repctl stop
stopbw AppServer db-JAN-11-2009.db AppServer | Verifies works as expected

You will now have proper replication between your primary and secondary nodes.