Broadsoft Updgrade with Red Hat "up2date"

Just over 2 months ago I started a massive project to upgrade Broadworks from Release 13 to Release 14.SP8. R13/R14 requires RHEL4 and there is an issue I ran into when running the up2date process on my dev system.

During the initial BroadWworks installation the application changes /bin/nice so nice may be run by bwadmin and thus change application priority. The up2date process installs files which change the permission of /bin/nice to be exclusively accessed by root. This means bwadmin cannot access /bin/nice through its startup scripts.

The appropraite fix for this is executing chmod ug+s /bin/nice as root. After working through this issue I took the time to understand more about the nice and renice process so I could have a better idea as to why it broke.