How to use “Conditional Logging” on the Acme Packet SBC

With the relase of Acme Packet OS 7.x one of the most useful new features is Advanced Logging.

This is similar to debug output in a log file without having to enable full debug, which can drain CPU on just about any system. By setting a condition (or set of conditions) the SBC will capture the interesting traffic to a log file.

The Advanced Logging feature was created using Session Plugin Language (SPL). For those not familiar with SPL it is a LUA based scripting language for the SBC. SPL provides an easy way to expand the SBC’s capabilities.

By adding the additional line below only calls from 4045551212 that route to 7815551212 will be logged.

When finished it is recommended to disable advanced-logging using spl stop sip advanced-logging

It is possible to create different Advanced Logging profiles so they may be easily reused at another time without manually entering complex strings each time logging is enabled.

The following are the advanced-logging options which may be set.