Acme Packet SBC “fraud-protection” ACLI Command Configuration

Acme Packet EcZ-730m1 software introduces the ACLI command fraud-protection

This allows the SBC to store multiple black lists, white lists, SIP redirect lists, and rate limit entries for fraud prevention and call control. Multiple lists may exist where entries are stored in separate XML files.

Lists (XML files) may be initially created through ACLI or web interface. If the preference is to manage lists manually then once a list is created it will need to be downloaded and the XML file(s) edited with a text editor, similar to managing Local Route Tables (LRT). Otherwise, all entries may be added, modified, or deleted using the web interface.

Below is an example of the GUI configuration elements for managing fraud-protection.

Below is an example of creating a new fraud-protection XML file in the ACLI called fraudProtect.xml

sbc# config t
sbc(configuration)# system
sbc(system)# fraud-protection
sbc(fraud-protection)# select
sbc(fraud-protection)# show
    mode                            local
    file-name                       fraudProtect.xml
    allow-remote-call-terminate     disabled

In the example below, the Whitelist section permits all calls based on the From header matching through the realm called peer. Calls based on the To header to a specific UK phone number on any realm is represented by a wildcard *.

The Blacklist section rejects calls based on a variety of criteria. Note that even though calls are blocked to +44 based on the To header, calls to +441189240000 are permitted since this is a more specific match in the Whitelist.

<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>
<oracleSbcFraudProtectionApi version="1.0">

The command show fraud-protection all will show fraud definitions and if any matches exist.

sbc# show fraud-protection all

List Type   To/From     Match Value     Ingress Realm   No. of Hits
                                                        Recent  Total
Blacklist   From  level3          3       7
Blacklist   From    gx              10      23
Blacklist   From        +14045551000    orange          1       3
Blacklist   From        +44             bt              0       0
Whitelist   From  att             32      128
Whitelist   From        +441189240000   bt              5       7

             Total hits: 168
          Total entries: 6
Total displayed entries: 6
              File name: fraudProtect.xml

The command show fraud-protection stats show a summary version of matches.

Fraud Protection Engine State   ---- Lifetime ----
                                 Recent   Total   
Blacklisted Calls                     14       33
Whitelisted Calls                     37      135
Ratelimited Calls                      0        0
Redirected Calls                       0        0
Blacklist Rejected Calls               0        0
Ratelimit Rejected Calls               0        0