Protect your V-Bucks by adding 2FA to your Fortnite login with Twilio Authy

There’s not doubt Fortnite has dominated the gaming market since its release. To play Fortnite users must login to their Epic Games account. Given its popularity it is common for gamers to login on consoles or computers that do not belong to them. Whether at a friend’s house or a tournament, if the login is [remembered]by the system, this leaves the account vulnerable to a takeover.


Twilio Authy API is a platform for providing secure authentication using PUSH Notifications, Tokens, SMS, and Voice verification. There are advantages of Authy over Google Authenticator and others, especially if your mobile device’s battery dies, or worse, the device is lost.

Epic Games is work with Authy and supports tokens, the most secure method of 2FA or MFA. Following these steps will add an extra layer of security to your Epic Games account ensuring no one maliciously logs in for a takeover.

Download Authy mobile app

Download Authy for iOS or Android

Login to Epic Games

Scroll down and select Enable Authenticator App

Confirm your email with Epic

You will see a QR code on your Epic Games screen

Open the Authy mobile app and select Add Account

Select “Scan QR code”

Note the game token

Enter the token digits and select Activate

Authenticator App should now be enabled

NOTE that clicking Generate Codes will provide a list of codes you can use one time each if you do not have access to your mobile device. Keep them in a safe and secure place.

Each time you login open Authy to enter the token digits

Battle away!